New Families and General Info.

If you are a new Farnell Falcon, WELCOME! We are so excited to have you as part of our outstanding middle school!

There are always questions when you start new, and hopefully you can find the answers to some of the most common questions here. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to email Traci Gryglewicz, PTSA President, at

School Hours:

School hours are 9:25- 3:20 on MONDAYS (early release days), and 9:25 – 4:20 Tuesday- Friday.  If you drop your student off after 9:25, you MUST come in with your student to sign them in.  The campus opens to students at 8:45am.

Signing in/Signing out a student:

If you need to drop your child off after 9:25, you must walk them into the office to get signed in. If you need to sign them out, please remember you MAY NOT sign out your child AFTER  2:50 on Mondays, and 3:50 the rest of the week.

Car Pick up/drop off:

If you are dropping off your child or picking them up, a couple of quick things to note.

  • Please pull up ALL the way around the front circle when dropping your student off or picking them up. The front of the office is NOT the spot. Please follow the teachers instructions…you will help the car line run faster and more efficiently!
  • PLEASE watch out for walkers! We have a large amount of bike riders and walkers! Please keep an eye out for crosswalks on and off school property, stay off your phone, and watch our for our students!
  • Please DO NOT block our buses! There are signs posted as you are entering school property. Please follow them so we can have our students picked up on time.
  • PLEASE be patient and courteous to fellow drivers. We all want to get our children, but we want to make sure we are getting them safely.

Dress Code:

We ARE a Dress Code school! Please visit this uniform link for full details on dress code and to order shirts.

  • Shorts should be below the fingertips with no holes higher than the fingertips.
  • Leggings are only to be worn with the bottom covered.
  • Tennis shoes must be worn every day for PE. You may change your shoes, but tennis shoes ARE required during each school day.
  • Solid black and red polos are allowed without the Farnell logo, but all other shirts MUST have the Farnell logo. Please visit the uniform page to purchase t-shirts, dry fit shirts, sweatshirts, etc.
  • PE uniforms are a MUST…for 7th and 8th grade. 6th graders DO NOT NEED PE uniforms.
  • On Friday, club or spirit shirts may be worn, from this year, or years past.

Grades, Classwork, and Student Accountability:

Farnell uses Edsby and MySpot to help your child be accountable for their work and grades. Please visit the MySpot site HERE, to sign up for Edsby AND MySpot. You will be able follow their assignments and grades, email teachers, and see their participation in class on Edsby. MySpot will give you access to many Hillsborough County school resources. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email teachers! You can find a full list of teachers’s emails here.

Before School Care:

Farnell does have an early morning/summer program for students. Please contact the school office 813-356-1640 ext. 0

Sick Days:

If you child is kept home from school, please call 813-356-1640, dial 1, and leave your child’s name, grade, homeroom, your name and phone number, and the reason for an absence. Please make sure to send any doctors notes to the front office, and make sure your child speaks to each teacher about missed work. Getting make up work falls on your student’s back now.


There is an active PTSA on the Farnell campus! Purchasing a membership helps us fill mini-grants for the teachers, host dances,  help with needs throughout the school (laminators, updated technology, subscriptions to magazines and online sources, books for classrooms, licenses for school wide programs, etc.) and so much more. Members are so appreciated, and we are so thankful for your support. If you are interested in being more involved, through volunteering or serving on the board, please email our Volunteers Chair at

Student Social Events  and Dances:

The PTSA hosts 3 student social events a year, and the school hosts 3 dances (for honor roll students during the day). PTSA student events are $10, generally run from 6-8 pm, and are fully chaperoned by administration and PTSA volunteers. Prompt pick ups are appreciated. Events are run by our parent volunteers, so please click here to sign up to be a Farnell Volunteer.